Increasing the Performance of Your High Performance Vehicle

Whether you own an Audi, BMW, LandRover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Smart Car, Volkswagen – or any other luxury vehicle; you’re vehicle’s performance is likely one of the reasons you chose to purchase it, along with craftsmanship and luxury features. As such, your engines performance is an important part of your vehicle

Tips For Preparing Your BMW or Audi for Winter

Preparing your BMW or Audi for winter: top tips from the experts As the dark cold nights of winter approach, you are not sure when the temperatures will be dropping to freezing points. Around this time of the year, roads are icy; driveways are sleeted or even covered in snow.

Quality Winter Tires VS All Season Tires in Langley BC

Investing in quality tires for winter driving: what you should know We know the narrative about all-weather tires versus winter tires. You are tempted to go with all-weather tires since you can use them both during winter and summer.But you miss the big picture. All-season tires are merely designed to

Getting it right with Langley European car repairs

Choose Experienced European Vehicle Repair Technicians European car owners are definitely a special crop. In their luxury vehicle, they get to admire the unbelievable craftsmanship and inherent beauty that underscores every aspect of their car. Yes you did spend quite a fortune on your car and your wish is to

BMW and MINI Repairs and Maintenance in Langley

BMW and MINI vehicles aren’t like anything else. Let’s face it – they can be temperamental. But that’s part of their charm. When your German machine starts acting up, you need an expert, fluent in the language of Bavarian Motor Works. That’s where Hudson’s Euro Fix comes in. We have

Why Switching Out Your Winter Tires Matters

Rotating out your winter tires and replacing them with your all-seasons tires, is an important measure to take when it comes to auto maintenance – and here’s why! Weather Conditions Impact Tire Performance Winter tires are meant for cold temperatures, and once the weather begins to warm, your winter tires will actually

The Importance of Suspension and Steering Maintenance Checks

As a luxury vehicle owner, you want your high performance vehicle to perform accordingly, and your suspension and steering maintenance check plays a pivotal role in how your vehicle drives. Which is something Hudsons Euro Fix is here to help you with! The Relationship Between Road Handling and Steering Maintenance