Porsche Service & Repairs

For more than 65 years, Porsche has been a brand representing luxury, sophistication and high performing vehicles. It was 1948 when the first vehicle “356” bearing the Porsche name was registered followed by the breakthrough models “550 Spyder” and “Porsche 911”. The company has successfully been on the rise since then and continues to set the standard for luxury sports car class to this day.

Langley Porsche Services

At Euro Fix Langley Porsche repairs & services, we perform various repairs ranging from engine, transmission, brakes and electrical systems, including all your Porsche maintenance requirements. After each service provided, we include a multiple point inspection to ensure it has been completed successfully.

Regular maintenance is paramount to keeping your Porsche running in its prime condition. We have expert Porsche technicians that are experienced at handling high-performance sports cars.

Visit us for your oil changes, alignments, tire rotations knowing we will have the job done with utmost quality care. Our doors are always open for your questions and our friendly staff can help provide you with any questions, concerns or other inquiries you may have.

Courtesy Car

Book your repair or servicing appointment today and inquire about our loaner vehicles.

Expert Porsche technicians

Using our latest technology and highly skilled technicians, Euro Fix can diagnose, replace, repairs any component of your Porsche. We provide air conditioning service, brakes, and oil changes similar to other dealerships but with better prices. We aim to keep your Porsche in its prime condition, therefore each service is done with quality care and attention to detail. We here at Euro Fix hope you can enjoy your vehicle for a long time. We hope you choose us as your expert Porsche technicians and are happy to serve Porsche owners in Langley BC, New Westminster, Delta, and Surrey. You may schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 604-674-7665.