Tire & Wheel Services

Tires are what keep you on the road and if they are worn out or wearing out, it is time to bring your European car, SUV, SAV or crossover to Euro Fix. As seasons change the temperature can affect how well your tires do their job. You want to be able to be in control no matter if it is snowing, raining, icy or sunny and hot. If your tires are looking a bit worse for wear, now is the time to make an appointment with Euro Fix to keep your car under control and keep you safely on the road year round.

Complete Grip Tire Service

Complete tire service means we make sure that every component of your tire and wheel system is performing at its best. We can handle any job from plugging a tire to replacing all four wheels and tires. While we have the wheels off we will also inspects your brake rotors, pads, and drums to ensure everything is in good shape. When you get your new tires, they are computer balanced so they improve your ride and handling. We also do a wheel alignment to make sure the caster and camber of your wheels are right where they need to be to make sure your tires wear evenly and give you all the control you need. At Euro Fix we know how important all these things are and want to make sure your European car is running and driving like new.

Wheel Alignment

When your wheels are not aligned properly it can cause uneven tire wear, poor handling and a poor ride overall. When your vehicle is out of alignment, it cannot only damage your tires, but your suspension, steering, brakes and other components. A wheel alignment needs to be performed when new tires are installed or you feel like your car, SUV or crossover is just not driving as it should.

Courtesy Car

Book your repair or servicing appointment today and inquire about our loaner vehicles.

Repairs for BMW and MIN


When your wheels and tires are not balanced it can cause a “wobbly” ride, poor handling, uneven tire wear and eventually there will be larger problems. When you bring your European vehicle to Euro Fix our skilled technician will mount your new tires on your wheels and they are computer balanced to make sure your tires will be synchronized and give you the best ride.

In addition to all of our Tire and Wheel Services, your vehicle will receive a multiple point inspection to make sure there are no problems with any other components that make you vehicle go, stop, and handle the way you expect it to. Euro Fix of Langley BC is proud to service customers in Langley as well as other communities including Surrey, New Westminster and more. Make an appointment or call us today at 604-533-6698 to schedule a tire and wheel check to make sure no matter what the weather is, your vehicle will stay safely on the road and handle like new.

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