Top 3 Volkswagen Services & Repairs

Curious to know what the top 3 Volkswagen services and repairs are? At Euro Fix, we specialize in Volkswagen service and repairs in Langley – so we can easily answer that question, and are happy to do so! The Origin of Volkswagen As mentioned on our Volkswagen service page: “the

Why Your Mercedes Mass Air Flow Malfunctions

Investing in a luxury vehicle is a choice many auto owners make. Whether appreciating the style of the vehicle, the reliability of the brand, or simply enjoying the features a high-end vehicle offers – there are many reasons why people choose a Mercedes Benz. As with any vehicle, there are

The Importance of Maintaining Your Porsche During Winter

If you’re a Porsche driver, or have any high-performance European vehicle, the winter months can be a cause for concern for your luxury choice in automobiles.  Which is why we want to share our thoughts on ‘The Importance of Maintaining Your Porsche During Winter’ in order to help alleviate any

Premium-Free European Auto Service in Langley

Finding a quality repair shop for your European car can be a difficult and costly process in the Lower Mainland. But at Euro Fix – we believe in offering high-quality service and repairs for European cars, crossovers and SUVs without the premium price-tag attached to it. As a co-company of Hudson Automotive, which

Uncovering if You Need an Out of Province Car Inspection in BC

Whether you’re importing your vehicle from another country, or simply moving from one province to another, here are some things you should know about vehicle inspections for insurance and registration purposes. ICBC – Makes the Rules As stated on their website: ‘Before you can get licence plates and insurance for

Keep your Porsche Running Smoothly Without Premium Costs

Need help keeping your Porsche running smoothly this summer? Euro Fix offers Porsche repairs in Langley – and can do exactly that in an affordable way! Porsche Service in Langley Often times luxury car owners feel that having their vehicle serviced at the place in which they purchased their vehicle