European Steering & Suspension Service & Repairs, LANGLEY BC

European Suspension & Steering

You may boast of massive power in your BMW or Mercedes Benz, but if you cannot be in total control it all counts to nothing. You may say that you drive mostly on straight roads; nevertheless, you will need precision in your steering. When you feel the slightest loss of sensitivity or shimmying sensation in the steering column, Hudson’s Euro Fix should be your next stop.

On the flip side, your suspension makes sure you get maximum contact with the road surface. It is from here that you get stability even when the road is tricky. After gaining a good amount of mileage and your European car has tasted the wrath of Canadian roads, it is natural that your ride becomes bumpy and your control takes a nosedive. It does not matter how good a driver you are, you will always struggle to keep your ride on the right lane and back pain problems would become a daily occurrence.

These all boils down to one thing: your prestigious car or SUV needs suspension and steering repairs and maintenance. And where else do you get the specialized affordable services other than Hudson’s Euro Fix? Yes, you heard right. We wear the crown of being the best suspension and steering systems mechanics.

BMW Loaner Vehicle and Shuttle Service

We offer a customer shuttle service to get you to work or back home while we are working on your vehicle. Need a car? Inquire about our loaner vehicle.

Repairs for BMW and MIN

Quick signs of failing steering and suspension systems

  • Difficult control
  • Peculiar noises
  • Worn out rubbers and mounts
  • Sagging springs
  • Uneven tire wear

Convenience, Expertise, Honesty, and Affordability served in one plate

We understand the value you attach to your European ride. You did not spend a fortune to be dealing with common car problems. That is why we have gone out our own way to make sure you are getting specialized steering and suspension services without much of a hassle. In Langley and its environs, we make sure the last of your worries will be steering or suspension issues. We have a team of specialists that has now become the talk of the town. Their competency, passion and professionalism have drawn European auto owners from inside and outside our frontiers. We have matched that with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. You never have to leave your neighborhood seeking auto repair services. That is convenience. Our technicians are trained and certified. That is expertise. We only charge you for services offered and not a dime more. That is honesty and affordability. Every box of great auto craftsmanship ticks.

Our Suspension and Steering Services

  • Steering and suspension maintenance and repairs
  • Wheel alignments
  • Control arm repair
  • Bushings
  • Struts and shock replacement

Experts who understand your vehicle

Our experience with European models goes back a long way. We are qualified to say that we understand these vehicles better than the manufacturers. At Hudson’s Euro Fix, we are brutally serious with our work. European vehicles did not choose us, we did and for a very good reason. We are passionate and fascinated by the sophistication of these vehicles and have literary moved earth and mountains to learn and master their intricate details. We know their inside and outside like the palm of our hand. When you come to us, expect nothing but the very best. Book your appointment today and we will restore your exotic car’s suspension and steering to as good as new.

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