Automotive Fluid Leak Repairs

Fluid Leaks Can Cause Big Problems!

Waking up to puddles, stains or splotches beneath where you park your car sends some shivers down your spine. It ought to because you do not know what is happening under the hood. Could it be someone malicious who punctured a few of fluid hoses? Did someone forget to tightly close the oil pan? The train of thoughts is just overwhelming, and it does not help when you have no trusted auto mechanic you can give a call.

You are not getting anywhere with the guesses. It is time you let Hudson’s Euro Fix identify the source of the leak and stop them on their tracks. We are the master of all sorts of auto fluids and European vehicles are our addiction. As scary seeing fluid on your garage floor would seem, they are the least of your worries. It takes us record time to find and seal them and you are back on the road just like nothing happened. After that you should keep up with the maintenance schedule on your user’s manual or what we recommend. With that done, this is the end of leaks for your entire auto ownership lifetime.

Why the do vehicles leak?

It is not you alone; many other auto owners are equally alarmed when they notice spots or puddles of oil or fluids on the driveway? How? No way, the system is supposed to be sealed. That would be your reaction when you first notice fluid on the ground. Calm down and let the experts do some explaining. Yes you are right, the system is supposed to be sealed and leakproof. But this is only true for relatively new vehicles. Once you hit the rough roads, and the unforgiving weather; tear and wear comes in full swing. Valves, hoses, vents, and any other components carrying liquids lose their tightness. What you see next are leaking of all natures. At first it starts slowly and gets worse over time. Now that wasn’t hard to comprehend, or is it?

What could be causing the leaks?

Now you know why and how. But what is causing them? We thought this information would help you understand the leaking problems better:

  • Broken or loose fluid or oil filler caps
  • Punctured windshield bottle
  • Misaligned threads
  • Worn out hoses, oil filter, pistons, or gasket
  • Poor connection
  • Damage on the oil pan

We cannot put a definite number to the reasons why your car looses fluid. But we can for sure find every cause of a leak and seal it for good. One of the golden rules from the unwritten book of auto ownership is to never sit on problems hoping they will go away. Leaks are notorious, and they get bigger and cause more damage if they are not fixed on the earliest instance. Langley European Auto Services is all you need to put an end to the draining.

BMW Loaner Vehicle and Shuttle Service

Repairs for BMW and MIN

We offer a customer shuttle service to get you to work or back home while we are working on your vehicle. Need a car? Inquire about our loaner vehicle.

Let the Experts stop the bleeding now

Your European SUV or car is a special breed. No, this is not chest thumping. What this means is that not everyone can help you keep it in shape and functional. We are happy to let you know that we deal in nothing else but European models. For those leaks that taint your image and make it easy to track your car, we are going to permanently put a stop to them. We got the tools, the experts, and experience to do just that. We are passionate about our job and seeing you smile keeps us working even harder. Russ Hudson is the owner and lead technician and he is waiting for your call. Make your appointment now.

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