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Engine Repairs & Maintenance

Signs Your European Auto Engine Requires Servicing?

Your European car’s engine is like the human heart. As the heart is crucial to better health for the entire body, and it is a core part to the overall functioning of your vehicle. Therefore, you now know why maintenance and repairs should be a priority. Do not be the kind that waits for your  SUV or car to be on its knees to start seeking a mechanic. Hudsons Euro Fix European Specialists are just around the corner.

Common Symptoms for a Faltering Engine

You know that your AudiBMW,  Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen is not all well, when you see some of these:

  • Check engine light on: this is the most obvious sign that there is something amiss with your vehicle. It could be a myriad of problems. Therefore, the honorable thing to do is coming to our repair shop. Our experts find and fix the problem.
  • Knocking noise: when you hear hard hitting noise coming from beneath the hood, it is the engine’s bearings that are failing. Tear and wear and lack of lubrication have caught up with them. Now is the time to book an appointment
  • Dropping performance: Are you spending more and more every time you go for gas filling? Yes we know fuel prices keep changing, but your luxury ride is turning into a fuel guzzler. It all points to performance problems. The air filter may be clogged or there is corrosion on the spark plugs. Do not guess anything. Come to us for a thorough check before it turns into an expensive repair issue.
  • Oil leaks: in our jargon, the car-engine is the heart. If that is the case, oil is the blood. Therefore, losing the oil is never any good news. The moving parts are left without lubrication. You will notice an increase in tear and wear, which has to be stopped the earliest possible.

The Langley Mechanical Experts you can trust

Let’s be honest. Very few people understand the fine detailing and working of vehicles from Europe. And far less are those who can open up the engine for diagnosis and repairs. That is why you have to be careful of who gets the job. At Hudsons Euro Fix, we are competent and qualified to handle any BMW. Our quality parts and services will exceed your expectations. We are keen on details and that is why for the years we have been in practice we never got anything wrong. Our technical team is highly trained, certified, and gives all their best to your vehicle.

It does not come as a surprise that, in Langley and beyond, we are the top choice for those seeking mechanics for their imported vehicles. No more guesswork about what could be wrong with your car, SUV or truck. We are reliable, timely, affordable and honest. You are not getting the deal we are giving you anywhere else. Reside in Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Surrey or surrounding areas? Euro Fix is just a short ways to receive top auto service in B.C.

BMW Loaner Vehicle and Shuttle Service

Repairs for BMW and MIN


We offer a customer shuttle service to get you to work or back home while we are working on your vehicle. Need a car? Inquire about our loaner vehicle.

Why it always has to European specialists for you vehicle

You are not bragging when you only insist on a mechanic specialized in European vehicles. You are merely taking care of your needs. Repairing a European car, for instance requires a different approach from when dealing with a Ford or any other domestic model. A specialized expert first appreciates that you car is different from the rest. Therefore, he invests in the right equipment, adequately trains for the task, and uses original parts on your ride.

You bought a European model for very good reasons, and you want to keep getting that. With our engine mechanical repairs and maintenance services, your ride will always be the road machine to beat. Call us or come to us today and we will take care of your prestigious ride.

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