The Importance of Suspension and Steering Maintenance Checks

As a luxury vehicle owner, you want your high performance vehicle to perform accordingly, and your suspension and steering maintenance check plays a pivotal role in how your vehicle drives. Which is something Hudsons Euro Fix is here to help you with!

The Relationship Between Road Handling and Steering Maintenance

Purchasing a powerful vehicle is thrilling, but ensuring that vehicle handles properly on the road keeps that thrill safe.

Staying in control behind the wheel with precision steering will keep you “in the drivers seat” – so to speak, without your steering wheel shimmying or a loss in sensitivity to how your vehicle handles while you drive. Road handling and steering maintenance go hand-in-hand, which is why we help our customers keep their steering maintenance in check throughout Langley and the surrounding areas!

Why Suspension Keeps You In Proper Contact With the Road

Your vehicle’s suspension helps you keep in contact with the road, feeling those bends and curves as it stretches out along a roads surface.

Although we have great roadways that are kept in good repair around the Lower Mainland, it is still inevitable that you will come in contact with potholes and seasonal issues that arise, causing your vehicles suspension to take a hit. This leads to the diminished quality of your car’s ride and how it feels and handles on the road, which we are here to help you guard against with suspension maintenance and repairs.

Signs Your Steering and/or Suspension Requires Maintenance

  • Difficult control
  • Peculiar noises
  • Worn out rubbers and mounts
  • Sagging springs
  • Uneven tire wear

Steering and Suspension Services at Hudson Euro Fix

  • Steering and suspension maintenance and repairs
  • Wheel alignments
  • Control arm repair
  • Bushings
  • Struts and shock replacement

Luxury Vehicles We Service in Langley

As a luxury car owner, your vehicle requires additional care to keep it running smoothly and performing as it should, which our suspension and steering repair services in Langley can help you keep in check affordably and in a timely fashion.

We provide customers with an industry-leading 2-yr/40,000km on any service or repairs performed on your European car, crossover or SUV – and look forward to offering you our precision care this spring!