Increasing the Performance of Your High Performance Vehicle

Whether you own an Audi, BMW, LandRover, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Smart Car, Volkswagen – or any other luxury vehicle; you’re vehicle’s performance is likely one of the reasons you chose to purchase it, along with craftsmanship and luxury features. As such, your engines performance is an important part of your vehicle to maintain for a smooth and safe ride, and EuroFix in Langley is your stress-free European car repair specialist who can affordably provide that for you!

High Performance Doesn’t Need to Mean High Priced

Foreign car repair shops usually come at a premium price, but at EuroFix – our quality repair experts in Langley offer you trusted, reliable and affordable service. Regardless of the high-end model of your vehicle, our labour and diagnostic rates are the same for all vehicles.

In addition, we offer a FREE loan vehicle, along with a FREE multi-point inspection with every service, and a 2-year, 40,000km warranty on all your repairs – ensuring your high performance vehicle is operating as it should, without costing you more to maintain your lifestyle choice.

Understanding How To Increase Your Engine’s Performance

There are multiple ways we can service your luxury vehicle in Langley to ensure it is performing at its best. From synthetic lubricants to additives to your gasoline, spark plug upgrades to cooling system repairs – all these things help to tackle your engines torque and keep you moving in a way that feels right.

The Importance of Keeping Your Engine Cool

European vehicle models are thought of to be “tempermental” – but really, they just require a different set of tools and skills to maintain their specific engine and system needs.

Ensuring your cooling system repairs are up to date on your vehicle, is another way to increase the performance of your vehicle, keeping it running smoothly and without incident.

At EuroFix – Our High Performance Vehicle Experts Offer:

  • Leak Testing to identify any leaks of combustion gases in the cooling unit
  • Fuel System Inspections ensuring all the components, including hoses and belts, are clear for take-off
  • Thermostat Checks to ensure your thermostat is opening and closing properly
  • Pressure Tests to ensure it is at the optimal level
  • Full Repairs and Replacements of any mechanical parts that require attention

Curious to know more? Call us, and allow EuroFix to attend to your luxury vehicle needs in Langley – addressing them affordably and effectively, while keeping your engine performing at its best!