Why Switching Out Your Winter Tires Matters

Rotating out your winter tires and replacing them with your all-seasons tires, is an important measure to take when it comes to auto maintenance – and here’s why!

Weather Conditions Impact Tire Performance

Winter tires are meant for cold temperatures, and once the weather begins to warm, your winter tires will actually begin to harden, putting your vehicle in unsafe driving conditions on wet, warmer roads.

Thick rubber tires are perfect for winter driving, flexing with the climate and gripping onto snow and sleet, but that grip ends as the weather changes – which is why your tires need to change also.

Save Money by Switching Out Your Winter Tires

Keeping your winter tires in winter-ready condition season after season can help you with replacement costs. Driving around on your winter tires, especially during summer, will wear down the thick rubber quickly, making them useless for their intended purpose – which is to maintain their grip in snowy and slushy conditions.

Keeping your tires season-specific will help you maintain both sets of tires within their maximum lifespan, saving you in excess of $1000 on replacement costs, and ensuring optimal driving conditions in a safe manner.

High Performance Vehicles Deserve High Performance Tires

If you have invested in a high performance vehicle, your tire investment is also important in maintaining the maximum performance of how that vehicle drives.

Performance plays a big role in a European model car – and is often what backs up buying decisions for those investing in a luxury vehicle. So don’t risk losing performance, safety or style due to your tire selection. How your vehicle drives involves many moving parts and your tires play a paramount role, which we’re here to help you maintain each and every season.

At Eurofix we will address your tire concerns quickly, and guaranteeing our service for your peace of mind. We make sure that every component of your tire and wheel system is performing at its best, inspecting your brake rotors, pads, and drums to make sure your European car is running and driving like new!

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