Quality Winter Tires VS All Season Tires in Langley BC

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Investing in quality tires for winter driving: what you should know

We know the narrative about all-weather tires versus winter tires. You are tempted to go with all-weather tires since you can use them both during winter and summer.
But you miss the big picture. All-season tires are merely designed to a compromise that will allow you basic performance both at winter and during summer. You are never getting maximum performance on either season.
In fact, there is a better analogy to explain this. All-season tires are more like tennis shoes: you can wear them in snow and on the sandy beach. But warm boots in snow and flip-flops in sand will be better in each of the conditions.

Why you should invest in great winter tires

For those who live on the fringe of the Snow Belt, you will probably drive once or twice on the snow. For your case, relatively new all-season tires will suffice your driving needs. But for those who live in the heart of the Snowbelt, you are better of investing in winter tires.
Tires made for summer and the other non-wet seasons will only be helpful in warm temperatures. But when exposed to wet or icy conditions, their efficiency takes a nosedive. Their shallow and stiff side-walled treads will be no match to the wet and snowy conditions in winter.
On the other hand, winter tires have deeper treads with equally effective patterns in the face of low temperatures. Even better, their tread compounds are able to remain soft in the lowest winter temperatures. They will give you a giant performance feat even in the midst of snow and slush.

How to get it right with winter tires

You cannot trust every tire being sold in the name of winter. Some of them are disguised cheap and low quality tires that will not be a match for the cold season. Here is how you can tell a genuine winter tire from a fake one:

• Not all M&S rated tires qualify to be winter tires: many of these are low quality tires disguised as winter tires. They are made from outdated technology that cannot give top performance in winter.

• Genuine winter tires bear snowflake/mountain symbol on the sidewalls: these tires are made from the latest technology and will take any snow challenge. Tires that have earned this symbol of quality will offer you 25 to 50% more traction that could be the difference between driving safely and losing control in the face of snow and ice.

• Install your winter tires in a set of four: whatever kind of car you have- rear, front or all-drive- always install winter tires in four sets. It is a sure way to great vehicle handling. It can make life easier for changing  each season if you have an extra set of wheels for winter tires already mounted

We have always had a wet winter in Langley, BC. But last year you were treated to a surprise of the century: there was snow. It is time to prep your car for a great winter driving experience. We at Eurofix.ca knows exactly what you car wants to pull through the cold months.
Do you want to get ready for winter with great snow tires? We are your one-stop European auto center at Langley BC. Come to us today and let winter find your car in tiptop shape.

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