The 4 Most Common Land Rover Repairs

Land Rover’s are loved by many – and rightfully so. This luxury vehicle looks and drives beautifully. However, as with any vehicle, they also come with occasional maintenance and repair concerns. These are the 4 most common Land Rover repairs, which Euro Fix in Langley is here to help you manage!

1. Sagging Air Suspension

The smooth ride Land Rover owners experience is due – largely in part, because of the air suspension system in their vehicle. At the 5-6 year mark is when a sagging air suspension is known to occur. Something our Land Rover repairs and maintenance team in Langley can address.

2. Oil Leaks

Although it would seem as though a high-end model vehicle should not have to deal with such trivial things; oil leaks are a concern for Land Rovers. This is often due to the electrical system, head gasket as well as heater core failures

3. Sunroof Leaks

Another common issue in a variety of vehicles, but in the Land Rover itself, sunroof leaks tend to occur due to the drains in the sunroof becoming ‘pinched’.

4. Malfunctioning Airbag

As mentioned in our ‘top 3 Volkswagen services and repairs’, if the airbag light notification comes on

ensure you take it to a mechanic shop to maintain the safety of your vehicle, as well as any potential fine issues if a police officer were to notice your airbag light when pulling you over for a routine traffic stop.

Which is why this also makes the ‘4 Most Common Land Rover Repairs’ list.

In a Land Rover, there can be a malfunction in the airbag springs and/or steering column. This can create a breakage in wires, and your airbag to no longer be functional. It can even cause it to become disfunction, potentially deploying prematurely or even randomly, leading to accidents and injuries you will definitely want to avoid.

Why Choose Euro Fix for These Most Common Land Rover Repairs?

If you need a shop that is as experienced as your dealership, Euro Fix in Langley offers the technicians and equipment that provide exactly that. Our technicians are trained on Land Rovers, providing nearly every repair and maintenance service your dealer offers at a much more affordable price.

Euro Fix is proud to serve the Land Rover owners in Langley, as well as those in other communities including Surrey, New Westminster and Delta. We are here to help you address these ‘Most Common Land Rover Repairs’ – as well as help you maintain your vehicle.

Book now through our convenient online scheduling, or call us at 604-674-7665 to speak to one of our staff who will gladly schedule an appointment for you. If you want the best service for your Land Rover without the high price, Euro Fix of Langley is here to take care of all your Land Rover’s needs!

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