Top 3 Volkswagen Services & Repairs

Curious to know what the top 3 Volkswagen services and repairs are? At Euro Fix, we specialize in Volkswagen service and repairs in Langley – so we can easily answer that question, and are happy to do so!

The Origin of Volkswagen

As mentioned on our Volkswagen service page: “the Volkswagen brand has a long history, founded in 1937 by the German Labour Front in Wolfsburg, German. In 2016, it was the largest automaker worldwide in sales.

Volkswagen means “people’s car” and that is always what it has been marketed to be. …Today, there are millions of Volkswagens on the road worldwide and the company continues to work toward the future with better more fuel-efficient cars.”

Truly, Volkswagen offers amazing, timeless vehicles that owners are loyal to. Euro Fix is here to help promote that loyalty with conscientious auto care that will keep your VW running smoothly year after year.

What Volkswagen Owners Should be on the Lookout for When it Comes to Auto Care…

When you are aware of specific issues Volkswagen’s are notorious for, you can better ensure they are addressed before those issues becomes a breakdown crisis.

As such, the ‘Top 3 Volkswagen Services & Repairs’ you should be aware of include…

Check Engine Light Notification

Sensors and/or software malfunctions are often the reason behind your check engine notification turning on.

But malfunctions aside, some additional reasons your check engine light might come on include…

  • Your gas cap is loose
  • Your oxygen sensor is faulty
  • Your catalytic converter is no longer converting carbon monoxide into dioxide, which is a dangerous issue that should be addressed right away
  • Your spark plugs need replacing
  • Your engine is overheating

Finding the culprit behind your check engine light is a process, and something Euro Fix can help you discover.

Maintaining Regular Oil Changes

Oil sludge buildup is a common concern in Volkswagen’s – usually happening around the 100,000km range. This can be prevented with regular  oil changes, which we offer at Euro Fix for all our European model vehicle owners.

Without such care, your VW can begin to be sluggish, lose a lot of fuel efficiency, and even lead to breakdowns.

Airbag Light Notification

This is another concern that tends to happen over the 100,000km mark. If this indicator comes on, ensure you take it to a mechanic shop to maintain the safety of your vehicle, as well as any potential fine issues if a police officer were to notice your airbag light when pulling you over for a routine traffic stop.

Although this might seem like a minor concern, it is a safety feature in your vehicle well-worth maintaining.

Langley Volkswagen Services

Our Volkswagen maintenance services include oil changes, brake replacement, tire rotations, air conditioning services – and more. We also offer a long list of auto repair and replacement services that include transmission or engine repairs/replacement, braking system repairs and other such VW services as needed.

Euro Fix of Langley is the perfect place to take your “people’s car” for any repair or maintenance service you may need. Book your repair or servicing appointment today and be sure to inquire about our loaner vehicles.

We offer convenient online scheduling that you can access day or night. Or feel free to call us during our business hours at 604-674-7665 and a member of our staff will be happy to assist you!