Electric Vehicle Service in Langley: Why EVs Require Regular Maintenance Too

Seeking Electric Vehicle Service in Langley? We can help!

Euro Fix has been part of the Langley community since 2014, and within nearly a decade – we seen a lot of changes within the auto industry.

From model designs to colour trends; bringing back vintage vehicles – such as the Bronco, or creating entirely new models – such as the Tesla. As the saying goes: “the only constant is change”, and those changes have been seen across all vehicle brands year after year.

However, there are areas in which certain things remain the same when it comes to your car of choice. And the nature of these “same things” are why EVs still require regular maintenance – just like their fuel-powered counterparts.

Allow us to explain…

Why EVs Require Regular Maintenance Too

Although it may seem counterintuitive; a ‘regular’ mechanic or technician can also help to maintain electric vehicles on many levels. This includes:

  • Checking and replacing the battery
  • Inspecting and replacing the brake system
  • Performing regular transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid changes
  • Tire servicing, including tire rotations and replacements

With many auto dealers making a shift to EVs within certain models, it is important to understand that regular maintenance remains important – and Euro Fix can help!

Electric Vehicle Service in Langley

Regardless of which European model brand you have invested in; as each of them make a move to EVs, having a mechanic who can maintain your vehicle in the same cost-effective way as a regular vehicle – matters to many auto owners.

Whether your vehicle needs an oil change or a large repair to a major component, Euro Fix is the choice mechanic in Langley to help – charging the same labour rate for both domestic and European vehicles.

Brands We Service Include:

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