What’s Involved in Winterizing Your Luxury Vehicle

Welcome to winter all, it has blown in with a vengeance! But not to worry; Euro Fix is here to help with winterizing your luxury vehicle, keeping you driving in safety and warmth!

Winterize Your Vehicle With the Right Oil Service

If your car engine is the heart of your vehicle, the oil is the blood that keeps it healthy. Without the right lubrication for your vehicle type and for the weather conditions, the moving parts won’t be able to function properly, which adds unnecessary and potentially harmful strain to your engine.

Which is why Euro Fix puts this first on the list for winterizing your vehicle, and is here to help you manage your oil change needs for your luxury car, truck or SUV in Langley!

Winterize Your Vehicle With Fluid Checks & Visibility Maintenance

In addition to ensuring you have the right oil for your vehicle, Euro Fix will also ensure all your other fluids are topped up and seasonally accurate. As well, we will check to see that your hoses are in optimal condition and not at risk for cracking or breaking due to a combination of age and cold weather, and that your visibility isn’t obstructed by insufficient windshield wipers or washer fluid.

Winterize Your Vehicle With Tire & Wheel Services

Your tires play a massive part in keeping you driving safely on the road. Beyond your tread, the rubber in your tires also responds to the cold weather and effects how your vehicle handles, no matter the road conditions.

With our complete GRiP Tire Service, we make sure that you have the right tires installed for your vehicle type and the weather, and that every component of your tire and wheel system is performing at its best.

Winterize Your Vehicle With a Battery Check

Winterizing your luxury vehicle also means getting your battery checked to ensure it can withstand the cold, and hasn’t aged-out for efficiency. Cold weather has a real impact on your car battery – including whether or not it will start, as well as keeping your vehicle’s heat and other electrical parts running at full capacity.

Lastly, but certainly not least – we encourage everyone to carry an emergency kit, including such items as:

·      Additional warm clothes, scarves, gloves, a blanket etc

·      Water and a few non-perishable food items

·      Snow scraper and shovel

·      Flashlight and matches

·      Flares

·      Functional spare tire

·      Chains

·      First Aid kit

At Euro Fix in Langley, we are here to help you with all your auto repair and servicing needs, and can’t stress the importance of winterizing your vehicle enough – enhancing the safety of you, your family and friends, and those you share the road with. Stay safe and warm out there everyone!