What You Should Know About the Maintenance Schedule for Your Mercedes

A lot of car owners choose to utilize the dealership in which they purchased their vehicle from for their maintenance and repairs; but did you know you can often save money while still having the same warranties and service schedule maintained elsewhere?

Euro Fix offers vehicle repairs, maintenance and servicing for all your Mercedes needs in Langley, along with a long list of other vehicle makes and models; allowing you to maximize your vehicle care without having to over-pay a dealership in order to do so. Which is why we want to share “What You Should Know About the Maintenance Schedule for Your Mercedes”.

Take a Quick Look at Your Car’s Service Manual

You car’s service manual has everything you need to know about scheduled maintenance. As well, most vehicles also inform you on your dash screen when servicing is due.

So between the two, you can quickly and easily find out what service is needed when, and shouldn’t be coerced by a dealership into the “better recommended time” for maintenance. This manual is made by the manufacturer themselves, and are looking out for the best interest of their product – so don’t feel pressured into premature servicing unless your vehicle has some sort of mechanical issue you need addressed.

Understand Your Warranty for the Win

The year of your vehicle and how many kilometres it has, will both play a part in your warranty coverage. However, most vehicles are covered for quite an extended period of time for quite an extensive lists of mechanical issue – aside from normal wear and tear, such as brake pads, hoses, filters, tires etc. So be warranty aware to keep your Mercedes running smoothly without unnecessarily covering a cost that isn’t your responsibility.

Saving Money on Your Mercedes Services

There are various ways to save on your repairs, service or maintenance appointments – such as warranties as mentioned, coupons, or simply using a local auto repair shop vs. a dealership.

At Euro Fix specifically, we often run special promotions on our Facebook page – such as our current promotion offering ‘1 Hour Free 2nd Opinion Inspection & Estimate Review’. This is a great way to find out what’s going on underneath your hood with $0 cost to do so, and then decide from there how you want to proceed.

If you are having difficulty finding a quality repair shop for your European car, crossover or SUV in the Langley BC area – Euro Fix would be more than happy to help. We offer high-quality service and repairs at an affordable price since 2014 providing service and repairs for the surrounding communities, including Surrey, New Westminster and Delta!