Walnut Shell Blasting: Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

If you have never heard of walnut shell blasting; it is well-worth knowing about.

Walnut shell blasting is a process used to clean engines and other automotive parts. This process involves blasting fine, abrasive particles of crushed walnut shells at high velocity onto the surface of the engine. This abrasive action removes built-up carbon, dirt, and other debris, improving engine performance and efficiency.

This service provides an effective alternative to traditional methods, like sandblasting or soda blasting, as the softer walnut shells are less likely to cause damage to the surface being cleaned.

Additionally, the walnut shells are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, and Euro Fix is here for that!

Walnut Shell Blasting Service in Langley

As mentioned on our service page

walnut blasting is promoted by BMW in both service bulletins and repair information. It is especially beneficial for late model BMW engines, such as the N54 and N55, which are direct injected.

In its service bulletin, BMW recommends walnut blasting to remedy engine performance concerns such as the following:

  • Check engine warning light
  • Lack of power
  • Bumpy idle
  • Vibrations
  • Engine misfires
  • Engine oil consumption

Beyond BMW, walnut shell blasting is beneficial for any European model vehicle; especially high-performance models with direct fuel injection.

How Walnut Shell Blasting Services are Conducted

  • To start, we remove your engine’s intake manifold. This by itself is a tedious job that can take hours.
  • Once the intake manifold is removed, the technician will block off all but one of the intake ports in the cylinder head. The engine is then turned over by hand to close the intake valves on the remaining open port.
  • After the valves are closed, the walnut blasting can begin. The walnut blasting tool is filled with walnut blasting material. Then, a vacuum hose with a special adapter hole is placed over the intake port. The vacuum is turned on and the blasting wand is inserted into the adapter hole. A trigger is pulled on the wand to shoot ground walnut shell against the back of the intake valves. This is done until the valves are cleaned of carbon.
  • The walnut basting procedure is performed one cylinder at a time for each remaining cylinder.

This job definitely requires an expert, and Euro Fix provides our customers with exactly that!

If you are ready to reset your engines performance through walnut shell blasting, we’re ready to help! Contact us here.