The Benefits of Walnut Shell Blasting for Your European Model Vehicle

Walnut shell blasting is a popular service for European car owners – and for good reason!

Walnut shell blasting is responsible for its optimal engine cleaning properties, and is promoted by many high-end auto makers such as: BMW, Mercedes, Audi – and more, offering a proven performance booster in a variety of ways.

Walnut Shell Blasting – In a Nutshell!

Most auto owners aren’t aware of the fact that carbon can accumulate in the engine’s intake valves, causing various performance slow-downs and other growing concerns.

However, by using walnut shell blasting, we are able to utilize the abrasive particles found in the shell to get rid of the build-up in your valves, as well as your manifold and combustions chamber, clearing a way for better performance, and preventing mechanical failures.

Walnut Blasting can also help alleviate other common auto issues, which include:

  • Check engine light
  • Power loss
  • Poor idle
  • Vibrating parts
  • Engine misfires
  • Excessive oil consumption

European Model Vehicles That Can Benefit from Walnut Shell Blasting

European vehicles, as well as other modern auto models, have what are known as ‘direct injection’ fuel systems, putting fuel directly into the combustion chambers, which does not allow for the typical “cleaning” of the intake valves or manifold.

This can quickly lead to a build-up of carbon and prevent your vehicle from operating as it should, among other increased concerns if left unaddressed.

Walnut Blasting Service Frequency

Walnut shell blasting should be performed every 48,000km or so, which isn’t that often – depending on how frequently and how far your driving on a daily basis. So it makes it an affordable solution to keep you vehicle running at its best, and prevent far more costly repairs down the road.

Curious to know more? Schedule a walnut blasting servicing appointment with Euro Fix in Langley, and protect your vehicle while keeping it performing at its best!

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