Essential Pre-Summer Maintenance for High Performance Cars 

Seeking a local repair shop for your European model vehicle? Euro Fix is conveniently located in Langley, and offers locals and “out of towners” alike the ability to maintain their vehicles in a trusted environment, offering our services since 2014 as an extensions of Hudson Auto since 1991, helping with all your essential pre-summer maintenance needs for your high performance vehicle!

Be Road Trip Ready

With summer vacations just around the corner, being road trip ready plays an important part in having a successful and uninterrupted trip. Whether ensuring your air conditioner is in perfect working order, changing over your tires to perform as they should on the road, or having an oil and filter change service customized to your vehicle – Euro Fix is here to help ensure you are road trip ready!

Fluids Are Essential in the Summer

Having your fluid levels checked by a professional, will help ensure you vehicle is running smoothly. Weather changes are notorious for altering your transmission fluid, coolant, power steering fluid – and more, making it a vital part of your vehicles functionality for your high performance vehicle.

One of the biggest causes of summer breakdowns includes overheating, and with European vehicles, their performance levels are much more “fluid” when the fluids within them are up to par – which one of our trained technicians would be more than happy to assist you with!

Install the Right Tires for Your Ride

Whether you have low-profile tires that have fulfilled their lifespan, or require new tires for your SUV or crossover, Euro Fix can help you find the right tread and season-specific tire for your vehicle.

Potholes, winter weather, daily commutes and other such wear and tear, all play a role in how long your tires last, and high performance vehicles are often in need of regular tire maintenance due to the nature, style and tread of the tires they have, which we’re also happy to assist you with!

Alignment Matters Too

Proper tires don’t count for a lot if your alignment is in question – especially as it pertains to high performance vehicles.

Having your car pull to one side and/or a vibrating steering wheel, can be the cause for an uncomfortable drive. Which is why having your vehicle’s alignment serviced at Euro Fix will better ensure your vehicle is driving as it should season after season.

Other general servicing  to keep in mind includes having your battery tested and your brakes assessed, as well as your wiper blades replaced after a lot of winter and spring use.

At Euro Fix, we offer our customers skilled staff, professional service advisors and certified technicians in Langley who can provide you with everything from a simple oil change to major engine repairs, helping you to keep your vehicle running like new all summer long.

In addition, Euro Fix also offers a FREE loaner car, along with a free multi-point inspection no matter why you are bringing your vehicle in.

Book your repair or servicing appointment today to inquire about our loaner vehicle, or call 604-674-7665 to speak to one of our courteous staff members who will help you set a time that is convenient for you!