Ensuring Your Cooling System is Set for the Season Ahead

Although we’ve had a slow start to the sunny summer weather here in the Lower Mainland, ensuring your cooling system is set up for the season ahead plays an important part in your vehicle’s optimal functionality.

In spite of the fact that European vehicles are often built with superior cooling systems, no vehicle is immune to overheating – and we’re here to help ensure this doesn’t have to be a concern for you!

Maintaining Your Cooling System Saves You Money

Having a roadside emergency will not only cost you the inconvenience of time, but will also end up costing you more in tow fees to get your vehicle into the nearest auto service centre; one that may not be your first choice.

Which is why, at the first sign of overheating, you bring your vehicle in to be serviced. And at Euro Fix in Langley, we offer you trained and certified experts in European model car cooling systems who can handle these matters expertly.

Understanding Your Vehicle’s Cooling System

You vehicle’s cooling system is vital in keeping your engine cool and operating at it’s maximum capacity, no matter the temperature outdoors. By removing hot air from your motor and filtering it through the radiator, your car cools the air via antifreeze and returns it back through the engine. Whether you’re low on antifreeze or your radiator has become clogged by dirt, pollutants and/or debris – there are various factors why your cooling system may begin to breakdown, and we’re here to help you figure that out and guard against it.

Preventative care is the best method to ensuring your European vehicle is running at its best every season of the year.

Our 5-Step Maintenance Package Includes:

  • Full system inspection – inspecting all components including your hoses and belts
  • Leak testing – running internal tests to identify any leaks of combustion gases into the cooling unit
  • Thermostat check – making sure it is opening and closing appropriately
  • Pressure tests
  • Repair, maintenance and replacements – fixing the affected areas and replacing the unworthy parts

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Curious to know more about our preventative maintenance programs for your European vehicle? Stop by or give us a call – we look forward to serving you!