Common Porsche Auto Maintenance Checks Euro Fix Mechanics Can Assist With

If you are a Porsche owner in the Langley or the surrounding area, Euro Fix is your go-to service centre to help you affordably maintain and service your high-end vehicle. We are proud to offer Porsche mechanics who can quickly recognize and address common concerns that Porsche owners deal with, and get you back on the road quickly and within your budget.

Porsche Oil Change Awareness

An oil change is an important maintenance service your Porsche requires, and the oil capacity for a Porsche, in particular, is higher than other high-performance vehicles.

Although the Porsche 911 and Boxster both have been known to produce excessive engine smoke, an experienced technician can quickly tell if it’s due to the engine itself – or actually isn’t an engine issue but an excessive oil fill from oil-change shops that don’t know how to handle your Porsche with the kid-gloves it deserves.  

Porsche Transmission Care

If you drive a manual Porsche and have been experience difficulty when changing gears, it is possible you have worn out synchros. Staying on top of your transmission maintenance services can help ensure this doesn’t happen, ensuring that it is done so by a specifically trained Porsche technician – which we provide at Euro Fix in Langley.

Porsche Steering and Suspension Maintenance & Repairs

Another common Porsche-specific problem occurs when the ABS Electronic Module fails and the warning light comes on. This can often be a quick replacement issue, or potentially a replacement part will be required, which we can help you address in-house.

Porsche Brake Checks

Squealing brakes not only grate on the nerves, they can also lead to more serious concerns if left unchecked. Euro Fix will check your Porsche brakes when handling your steering and suspension maintenance or repairs, helping to ensure your Porsche is operating as it should  within a vehicle intended to drive with speed and accuracy.

Porsche Air Filter Reminder

When operating a vehicle that performs at a higher level, ensuring your air filter is regularly changed is important. A dirty filter will hamper the airflow needed for the engine in your Porsche, causing a sputtering effect to your engine, and even potentially stalling from lack of proper air filtration. It’s an easy check and replacement, which you can have done whenever you have your oil changed on your Porsche here at Euro Fix.

Using our latest technology and highly skilled technicians, Euro Fix can diagnose, replace, repairs any component of your Porsche. We provide air conditioning service, brakes, and oil changes similar to other dealerships but with better prices. We aim to keep your Porsche in its prime condition, therefore each service is done with quality care and attention to detail. We here at Euro Fix hope you can enjoy your vehicle for a long time. We hope you choose us as your expert Porsche technicians and are happy to serve Porsche owners in Langley BC, New Westminster, Delta, and Surrey. You may schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 604-674-7665.