Common BMW Concerns Worth Paying Attention To: Euro Fix Has Affordable Mechanics for That!

For those who choose to invest in a BMW, reliability, luxury and speed likely come to mind. And at Euro Fix, we can appreciate that. We are here to ensure all of the above are managed in a way that allows you to safely navigate your day to day commute, road-trip adventures or family leisure use as needed.

Despite the overall reliability and craftsmanship of the BMW brand; on occasion, there are mechanical issues that can happen, which we want to make you aware of.

Common BMW Concerns to Pay Attention To

common BMW concerns

Regardless of being a high-end luxury brand, there are still some common BMW concerns you will want to pay attention to – some of which include…

1.     Automatic Headlight Issues

Ensuring your headlights are working properly tops the list when it comes to maintenance checks. But, on occasion, BMW’s automatic headlights have been known to remain on even after the vehicle is turned off. This, of course, can put unwarranted strain on your battery, potentially draining it entirely for what seems like unknown reasons. Be sure to check to see if this common concern is what is causing battery issues – or bring it to us to check for you.

2.     Reduced Battery Life

Your BMW’s battery may run through its lifespan quicker than it should. Whether due to the aforementioned issue, electrical concerns, smart key proximity – or other unknown factors; Euro Fix is here to help you get to the bottom of the issue and replace your BMW battery as needed.

Other BMW Mechanical Issues to Watch For…

–       Malfunctioning Fuel Pumps

–       Electronic System Failures, Including Electric Windows

–       Oil Filter Gasket Issues

Although any auto repair can be an untimely inconvenience, our mechanics make it as stress-free and affordable as possible. As mentioned on our blog ‘Langley Repairs and Maintenance Independent Pricing’…

Euro Fix of Langley offer more than just oil changes, we offer a variety of maintenance and repair services for your Langley BMW. We can repair or replace components such as your transmission, radiator, engine, air conditioning and braking systems. In addition to any work done on your vehicle we include a multiple point inspection to make sure there are no other issues. We provide essential maintenance services for your car, SAV or sport wagon, as well including oil changes, tire repair or replacement, air conditioning charges and more. 

If you are experiencing these common BMW concerns, or others – Euro Fix has the affordable team of mechanics to help, and offer our customers a luxury courtesy car as needed too. Book your repair or servicing appointment today and inquire about our loaner vehicles!


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