Most Common Volkswagen Repairs in Canada

Volkswagen Repairs in Canada are common, regardless of which model you drive. Even with your best efforts to maintain your VW through regular servicing, there are simply going to be repairs required over time. Euro Fix in Langley is ready to take any of them on, helping our customers across

Why Choosing Porsche Maintenance Experts Matters

As Porsche maintenance experts in Langley,  Euro Fix proudly performs a variety of scheduled care for these high-performance vehicles. As well, we provide various repairs ranging from engine, transmission, brakes and electrical systems – ensuring that we include a multiple point inspection for complete auto care. So, why choose a

Mercedes Service & Repairs: Pre-Summer Service Reminders

Seeking Mercedes service and repairs in Langley that are affordable and reliable? Before the summer season begins, it is a good idea to ensure that your Mercedes is in optimal condition – and Euro Fix is here to help! Pre-Summer Service Reminders Here are some pre-summer service suggestions to consider

Walnut Shell Blasting: Improve Your Vehicle’s Performance

If you have never heard of walnut shell blasting; it is well-worth knowing about. Walnut shell blasting is a process used to clean engines and other automotive parts. This process involves blasting fine, abrasive particles of crushed walnut shells at high velocity onto the surface of the engine. This abrasive