Addressing Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioner Before Summer

Across the Lower Mainland we just enjoyed an amazingly hot weekend, which was likely a welcome weather change for many. For those who may have discovered that their vehicle’s air conditioning system was in need of maintenance or repair – Euro Fix is here to help.

Not only can we ensure your air conditioner is in excellent running condition, but we can also ensure that it is not blowing out moldy air into your vehicle, which can cause add health concerns for those who suffer from allergies, asthma – or in general.

Keeping Your Vehicle’s Air Clean

We are extremely lucky to have an abundance of clear air throughout BC. Between our lakes and our mountains, our skies are – for the most part – clear of pollution, and this should also be the case within your vehicle.

As your vehicle operates from season to season, your car air conditioning unit can collect dust and mildew when it is not being used. Which is why having it maintained yearly is important. Providing you with a clean filter and checking to ensure it is operating as it should – producing cool air without added allergens or bacteria filtering through.

Euro Fix Provides End-to-End Auto Inspections in Langley

Prevention is the best way to keep your vehicle costs down, as well as avoid emergency repairs that are never a convenient reality. Which is why we are proactive with our maintenance schedules, and emphasize it to all our customers.

Our European auto service and repairs in Langley is something we proudly offer, providing affordable auto care without added service costs associated with a high-end vehicle.

Your comfort matters to us, as does ensuring your vehicle is running in optimal condition. As it pertains to your vehicles air conditioner – we are here to provide affordable, quality services, understanding that you are entrusting your prestigious machine to our Langley team of professionals.

Curious to know more about our preventative maintenance programs for your European vehicle? Give us a call 604-674-7665 or stop by 19693 60th Avenue, Langley – we look forward to serving you!