Automotive Cooling Systems

My European Car is overheating. Should I be concerned?

Under the summer heat, no cooling system is too superior to be under the weather. Even your European road beast is not immune to any of these. And it is never a good omen when your vehicle is overheating. Stopping to allow it to cool down is not going to work. Stop burying your head into the sand. If anything you are only helping the problem to get big and you will face the music when you finally decide to take it for checks. Do not be surprised when slapped with a bill bigger than your bank account balance.

What you need to do is very simple. As soon as you notice any signs of overheating, bring your car in to our Langley auto shop as soon as possible. Do not wait for the weekend; it may be too late to save you the financial implication. At Hudsons Euro Fix in Langley, B.C., cooling systems are one of our mainstay services. We have experts who are certified and trained for this. We make sure that they never lack anything as we continuously invest in the right tools of trade. We promise, and follow through with it, to give you top-shelf quality services at very affordable rates.

How the Cooling System works

The auto cooling system’s only role is taking away heat from the engine. This gives the engine a room to operate at the recommended temperature. The system achieves this by carrying away the hot air from the engine into the radiator. It is here where air is cooled before going back to the engine. At the center of all this is coolant otherwise known as antifreeze. Thanks to its collection of wonderful attributes of low freezing, high boiling points, and ability to carry and lose heat; the cooling system gets its job done.

We not only know how the system works, but also how to make it work properly. Besides, we also understand the importance of it working properly. Our technicians know what you need and will give you just that.

Our Dosage of Services

Our approach is, and has always been, preventive auto care. We never want you to pay a fortune getting the cooling system repaired. We have developed a 5-pronged package for maintaining your system and keep it functioning at the very best level. This is what we do:

  • Leak testing. We run internal tests to identify any leaks of combustion gases into the cooling unit
  • Full system inspection. We inspect all the components one after the other. The hoses and belts are not left out
  • Thermostat check. We make sure it is opening and closing appropriately
  • Pressure test. Is the system pressure at the optimal level? We carry out checks to find out for ourselves.
  • Repair, maintenance and replacements. After our inspections and test, we fix the affected areas and replace the unworthy parts.

BMW Loaner Vehicle and Shuttle Service

Repairs for BMW and MIN

We offer a customer shuttle service to get you to work or back home whether it’s in Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford, Maple Ridge or surrounding areas, while we are working on your vehicle. Need a car? Inquire about our loaner vehicle.

Nothing too complicate or simple for our seasoned Langley team

We have earned our experience; drive to study, always curious about new challenges, and redefined intuition. We love our job and we descend on every problem with tenacious grip. We have been nicknamed the European vehicle “mad men”, a moniker that partly sticks due to our zeal and dedication to keep your prestigious ride on the road with zero cooling issues. Don’t let anything get between you and a comfortable drive. Come to us and we will get your ride sorted even before you start to miss the action.

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