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Automotive Electrical Systems

There is a feeling of pride when you insert your car key and the ignition responds instantly. It is even more joyous when you have to run your errands with zero incidences with your ride. Wait until your car won’t start or it keeps breaking down along the way and you will be cursing why you bought it in the first place.

We know how embarrassing it is to have starting, charging and electrical system problems. These problems do not choose when or where to happen. It could be right in front of your boss or at the middle of a busy highway. With your European vehicle, this is stooping too low. Why not find your way to Hudson’s Euro Fix and let us sort out the mess? Just like it is your job to enjoy your drive, it is ours to make sure that electrical system failures do not spoil your fun.

BMW Loaner Vehicle and Shuttle Service

Repairs for BMW and MIN


We offer a customer shuttle service to get you to work or back home while we are working on your vehicle. Need a car? Inquire about our loaner vehicle.

How to never experience starting, charging and electrical system problems

The guarantee of quick and easy car starts is not a right that everyone enjoys. It is like a quid pro quo scenario. You have to take care of the starting, charging and the entire electrical system to never have failing starts. It is not a lot to ask of you. After all, it is not you to do the work. We happily do that and make sure yours is a flawless system. We will maintain, repair, and replace anything that may be not working in the system. Our approach makes sure that small problems do not turn out to catastrophes that would leave you bankrupt.

Are you experiencing these problems?

Modern vehicles are somewhat geniuses. They do not leave you in the dark when problems are about to happen. They give you the clearest sign, and if you pay attention you are never caught by surprise. For electrical system, these problems and symptoms are giving you a heads up of a brewing storm:

  • Burnt smell. It gets irritating at times
  • Trouble starting. You have to try not once or twice but a couple of times for your car to start
  • Dim lights
  • Strange noise when you start your ride
  • Leaking, corroded or swollen battery
  • Check engine light is on
  • No response when you start your car

As a good auto owner, be proactive all the time. Read the signs and take action. Since there is not much you can do by yourself, even if you are a qualified handyman, our hotline is always open. All you have to do is call and let us worry about your problems.

For those starting, charging and electrical system problems, we come through for you

You did enough splashing a fortune to buy that European Vehicle. It is time it pays back with comfort, convenience and stellar performance. At Hudson’s Euro Fix, European vehicle services are our specialty. The electrical system problems are a piece-of-cake easy for us. We have technicians who understand your ride more than you would ever for a lifetime. They have earned their experience on the ground and once they work on your car, you will never be experiencing the same problem any time soon. Our state of the art repair center has all the necessary equipment to handle any kind of service. We will carry out thorough diagnostics of your system, identify the problems and fix them. Affordability, quality, trust and timeliness are virtues that we hold dear. Stop the headaches from your luxurious ride by entrusting us with its servicing and repairs. You will never regret choosing us, and that is a guarantee you can take to the bank. Call now or drive to our center and let the revolution to better and safe driving begin.

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